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    Parkwood Christian Children's Centre

    We have a philosophy of childcare based upon sound Christian beliefs from the bible which are embedded in our programs, relationships and practices.

    We believe that every child is a unique and special gift from God.

    We will support each child to have a strong sense of belonging, know their identity and become confident and engaged learners through loving and caring interactions with educators, their families and each other.

    The Theme of our rooms is based on the Fruits of the Spirit in the bible. Galatians 5:22-23 (a book in the bible) talks about these fruits… “ But the fruit that the Spirit produces in a person’s life is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these kinds of things.”

    Our Philosophy


    As Christians we believe that God asks us to care for the world He created. Our centre will encourage children to learn about the world around them throughout the programs and to care for the environment, showing respect for living and non-living environments.


    Educators will work collaboratively towards a common goal of providing consistent, high quality education and care to children and their families with kindness, gentleness and respect.

    Educational Programs

    Our Educators will purposefully scaffold children’s learning based on children’s interests, interactions, open-ended questions in collaboration with families, community and our Christian Curriculum.

    Health and Wellbeing

    God asks us to care for ourselves and others. We do this in a range of ways from promoting and providing physical activity, minimising risks, managing illness and injury, ensuring effective hygiene, and providing adequate sleep, rest and nutritional requirements.


    We are committed to continuous improvement through supportive leadership, management and administrative systems, reflective practice and the development of policies and procedures that align with the current Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations.

    Families and Community

    Educators will ensure families feel welcome and are encouraged to actively participate in the development of their child’s individual learning.


    Educators will interact positively with children and build relationships which respect and value the rights of every child.
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